MobilGate-Mini - GSM gate controller with 50 configurable telephone numbers

effordable gate controller

- Affordable gate, door or barrier controller and garage opener.

- Simple, easy to use and easy to program

- Useful in flats and houses, in weekend houses and bungalows

- Opening gates of houses without keys

- Low voltage signal relay output to control it by phone call

- Configurable relay switch time, 1 input for SMS sending, editable SMS

- Industrial power supply (10-24Vac or 10-40Vdc)

- With GSM straight antenna or with magnetic stand aerial

- Provider independent module with nanoSIM card

        The MobilGate-Mini is a GSM module suitable for remotely operating and controlling doors, barriers, garage doors and parking poles. The device has a low-current, single-circuit relay output. The output can be programmed to be operated by up to 50 users by initiating phone calls to the device based on caller-id recognition. The users can be configured with names and telephone numbers. The output can be programmed to operate in monostable mode (trigger for a fixed duration, then release) or bistable mode (triggers on/off indefinitely with separate commands, operated by the user as a normal switch). In bistable mode, a voice call initiated to the device triggers the relay indefinitely after approximately the 3rd ringing, then the module ends the call (user busy signal). The next voice call initiated to the device switches off the relay after approximately the 1st ringing, then the module ends the call. The inputs of the module can be freely configured and used for forwarding any kind of events (for example error signals, general notifications, etc.) via SMS.

        The MobilGate-Mini gate controllers can be operated from 10-40Vdc or 10-24Vac voltage and min. 500mA current. The output relay is low-current, common-circuit "NO"-type relay, with its max. load of 48V/1A. The received SMS-s, including carrier messages, can be forwarded to a pre-configured phone number. The device is capable of sending status signals of its operation, thus the operation of the device can be regularly controlled. The device is manufactured in two editions. The module with gray enclosure equips a built-in antenna. The module with black enclosure has an SMA connector that provides connectivity for external antennas.

        The MobilGate-Mini is mid-range member of the MobilGate family. The MobilGate-Midi is capable of handling 200 users, moreover the MobilGate-Max can operate with also 200 users in online mode. The device is capable of connecting to a remote server wirelessly over GPRS, therefore the events and notifications can be logged remotely. The logged data can be used as a database for security and/or other enterprise software. All of our devices, including the MobilGate family can beconfigured conveniently with our free configuration software called "Unified" which can be down-loaded from our website . The MobilGate-Mini device is carrier-independent and it is fully operational with any nanoSIM card, including prepaid and subscription-based SIM cards.       

      The MobilGate-Mini GSM device can be fully programmed and configured with our universal downloader software called "Unified" via a microUSB cable. After powering on the device and plugging in the USB cable, all Windows operating systems (Windows XP, Win-7, Win-8, and the Win-10) automatically recognize the connected device. Our universal configuration software handles and configures all products from the MobilSwitch, MobilArm, MobilGate, Mobilcar and MobilTherm families. The software automatically recognizes the type of the connected device and it shows its appropriate image. The status of the device, including the carrier information, status of the inputs and outputs can be queried by pressing the Get Status button. Filling the first telephone number is mandatory, the rest are optional, they can be left either filled or empty. For each telephone number, it can be freely specified which telephone numbers should receive an SMS notification when an input has changed with the appropriate checkboxes. Each configurable memory location has a short description located at the bottom. Please fill the configuration values with care and do not use accented or special characters. All telephone numbers must be given in the international telephone number format. The edited configuration can be saved to a file and loaded whenever necessary.

MobilGate mini gate controller
Mobilgate mini door controller
GSM gate controller
GSM barrier controller

       The hardware of the MobilGate-Mini, MobilGate-Midi and MobilGate-Max devices are all enclosed in the same enclosure with either a built-in antenna or an external magnetic antenna with SMA connector. Therefore, the wiring and connection of all devices are almost identical. The devices essentially have differences within their firmware only. It requires a nanoSIM card and it can be connected with a microUSB cable to a PC. With our configuration software, every user-parameter of the module can be freely and widely configured.

 The MobilGate-Mini gate controller device and all of its parameters can be programmed remotely with fixed-format SMS commands. All received SMS commands are acknowledged with a response SMS by the device. Some of its SMS commands and their acknowledge-responses are described below:

  - Re-program memory command:
- 00:00:10  - reflects the new duration of on status
                         of relay output in memory #011
  - Read memory command: *031#?* - #031         - location of memory
 Pull up   
                   - the actual command to switch on the output relay
  - Output relay on command: Pull up - #031         - executes the command in memory #031
  - Query command:   #?* -                  -  gives back the status of device
MobilSwitch-Mini Ver:1.23 
T-MobileH Rssi:4 Ubat:13.0V A:1, 00:00:10 Door:1

mobilgate mini inside
mobilgate GSM controller

GSM barrier controller



Range of dc power supply:
10-40 Vdc
Range of ac power supply:
10-24 Vac
SMS, voice
Current consuption when relay on:
50 mA
  Dedicated users:
Current consuption when relay off:
20 mA
  Aerial connector:
Max. conpuption:
178 mA
  Ambient temperature>
-30 ... +70 C

Vertical size of enclosure:
78 mm
Vertical size with aerial::
110 mm
Vertical size of magnetic aerial:
110 mm
Horizontal size of enclosure (with wings):
77 mm
Horizontal size of enclosure:
57 mm
Enclosure Z size:
21 mm