MobilSwitch-Nano   - Economical price signalling and remote control modul


- For switching, startring, restarting, opening, stopping, resetting, functions

- Simple modul for home use, easy to install easy to fit anywhere

- can be useful at home or in garage, caravans, bungalow or in week-end house

- with digital input and a low voltage low current relay output

- 10-30V DC power supply

- With a short GSM antenna or with magnetic stand aerial

- Carrier independent module device with NanoSIM card

- One of the smallest and simplest modul on market

- Free downloader softver via PC's USB port

       The MobilSwitch-Nano module is a general, industrial-grade GSM module, developed for remote signaling and remote control. It has a common digital input which is activated by voltage-less (or voltage-free) contact, and it has asingle-circuit relay output. The module can be programmed with its own software from any PC or notebook. The device notifies the users via pre-configured SMS-s and voice calls, and it has an optional acknowledging function. The low current relay can be triggered by user-configured SMS-s or free voice calls based on caller ID recognition. The relays can be configured to operate in monostable mode (after switching on, the relays are turned off automatically within a time interval) or bistable mode. (switching the relays on and off are performed with separate commands) The MobilSwitch-Nano can be programmed for maximum 4 phone numbers. It can be used as an independent GSM remote signaling, remote controlling device, either for industrial purposes or home applications, such as remote signaling and controlling security device. The power supply of the device has industrial input range of 10V-30V DC and it draws minimum 500mA current. The received SMS-s from the carrier can be forwarded to the user-configured telephone number, and the device operation can be checked with its built-in signal-of-operation function. The module has two variants: either with built-in dual-band antenna or RG-174 magnetic antenna with SMA connector.

       The MobilSwitch-Nano GSM device can be fully programmed and configured with our universal downloader software called "Unified" via a microUSB cable. After powering on the device and plugging in the USB cable, all Windows operating systems (Windows XP, 7, 8, and 10) automatically recognize the the connected device. Our universal software handles and configures all products from the MobilSwitch, MobilArm, MobilTherm, MobilCar and MobilGate product families. The software automatically recognizes the type of the connected device and it shows its image.

       The device comes with an enclosure and carrier-independent GSM module. The built-in aerial variant is the MobilSwitch-Nano and the variant with external magnetic antenna is named MobilSwitch-Nano-a. The device comes with our free configuration software that can be down-loaded from website:


         The GSM remote control device requires +10-30V DC power supply with at least 500mA power supply connected to the red connectors which is equipped with polarity protection. The contact inputs are triggered with 0V, i.e. pulling them to ground. It is forbidden to connect more than +5V to the input in case they are driven by open-collector lines. The first relay output is a small-current "No"-type, the second relay output is small-current "Nc"-type. The maximum load of output cannot exceeds 1A at 48V. The input of the GSM signalling device are equipped with noise protection, however external voltage must not be applied to them. The inputs can be triggered with small-resistance (and preferably without contact-bouncing) contacts, switches and relays. The module is equipped with standard nanoSIM holder. The module can be programmed and configured with a microUSB cable.

GSM remote control
GSM signalling
GSM pager
SMS switch

       The Windows operating systems (Windows XP, 7, 8, and 10) automatically recognize the connected device and it shows its image. The status of the device, including the carrier information, status of the inputs and outputs can be queried by pressing the "Get Status" button. All the user parameters can be edited, however it is advised to keep the original format and change the factory values only when necessary. Please fill the configuration values with care and do not use accented or special characters. All telephone numbers must be given in the international telephone number format. The edited configuration can be saved to a file and loaded whenever necessary. The configuration data can be downloaded to and read from the device. The software displays a notification when the configuration was successful and shows an error message notification upon download or read failure..

Unified software
SMS pager

      The device can be programmed remotely with fixed-format SMS commands.


Range of power supply:
10-30 Vdc
800/900/1800/1900 MHz
Lowest current consuption:
27 mA
SMS, voice
Current consuption when relay on:
37 mA
  Max. voltage on input:
+6 V max.
Mean consuption (24hours):
55 mA
  Aerial connector:
Max. conpuption:
160 mA
  Ambient temperature
-30 ... +70 C


Vertical size of enclosure:
55 mm
Vertical size with aerial:
88 mm
Vertical size of magnetic aerial:
110 mm
  Hor. size of enclosure (with wings):  
64 mm
Horizontal size of enclosure:
48 mm
Enclosure Z size:
24 mm