MobilGate-6 - Low cost GSM gate controller for DC supply

Cheap mobilgate 6 gate controller

- Gate, door, parking and barrier controller for family use

- Simple, cheap and easy to program

- in flats and houses, in weekend houses and bungalows

- opening gates of houses without keys

- low voltage signal relay output to control by phone call

- configurable relay switch time, 1 input for SMS sending, editable SMS

- 10-30V DC power supply

- With GSM straight antenna or with magnetic stand aerial

- Provider independent module with microSIM card

     The MobilGate-6 GSM remote control device is developed for controlling doors and barriers remotely. It is equipped with a single-circuit relay output. The user can trigger the output with voice calls. The GSM device can recognize up to 8 pre-defined telephone numbers. After triggering the output by the user, the output state will be held for the configured amount of time. The closing pin of the relay is wired out, and it can be configured to operate in monostable mode (output will be triggered for a pre-defined duration, then it will be switched off automatically) or bistable mode (the output will be triggered and it will remain in that state). The user telephone-numbers are stored on the microSIM card which can be configured by inserting in a traditional mobile phone and performing the required operations in a few minutes.

     The timing interval of the monostable mode can be configured up to 9999 seconds (~2 hours). In the monostable mode, when the user initiates a voice call to the device, the output will be triggered and the device will decline the initiated call, thus the user will receive a “busy” response. Using the bistable mode, the relay will be triggered roughly after the third ringing tone, then the device will end the call. In this case if the user initiates another call, the device will switch off the previously triggered relay after the first ringing tone, and the device will end the call. The device is equipped with a single-circuit "NO" and "COM" relay, which can be loaded with 1A at maximum of 48V. The MobilGate-6 device with enclosure has the connectivity of a built-in antenna or an external, magnetic-bottom antenna that can be connected via the SMA connector. The power supply source (10-30Vdc) has to be connected to the red serial connectors located on the panel. The output relay is wired to the blue serial connectors, thus the gate- or barrier-controlling electronics have to be connected to this connector (e.g. the external button of the gate-opener should be wired in parallel with the device). There is a button located on the top of the device. By pressing the button, it simulates a phone call; thus the output can be triggered by pressing the button. By pressing this button for longer than 10 seconds, the device will send the configured phone numbers to the first telephone number via SMS.

     The MobilGate-6 gate controller is equipped with a carrier-free GSM module and it operates with a microSIM card. The SIM card can be either a pre-paid card or a card with subscription. The phone numbers configured to the device are stored on the SIM card. After resetting the device, the numbers will be retained and the output relay will return to its initial state.

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      The power supply of the MobilGate-6 device should be connected polarity-wise: the 10-30V DC voltage should be connected to the right pin of the red serial connector, and the ground should be connected to the left pin. Should the power supply connected the other way, the device will not be damaged, but will not work either. The output of the relay can be loaded with up to 1A at 48V. The NO and the COM pin of the relay are wired out as well. The device with white-colored enclosure is equipped with a built-in antenna. The black-colored enclosure version is equipped with an SMA connector, thus an external magnetic-bottom antenna can be connected to the device. This version is recommended when the MobilGate-6a device is installed in a metal box which can cancel the GSM transmission.

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    Cautions about the wiring:

  • The power supply input must be between 10-30V DC and the supply must be able to deliver at least 300mA current.
  • AC voltage must not be connected to the device; it can destroy the module. nbsp;
  • The device cannot be supplied by rectifying the voltage of a traditional gate opener (24V AC), because the rectified 24V AC will result in a DC voltage with roughly 34V voltage peaks which may cause damage to the device. nbsp;
  • During GSM communication, the average current drain can exceed 200mA, thus for safe operation, a power supply that can deliver at least 500mA at 12V or 300mA at 24V should be provided for the device. By using less-powerful power supplies, the module may not operate reliably or even may not start.
  • It is forbidden to power on the device without connecting a GSM antenna. This may damage the GSM module located inside the device.
  • The SIM card must be inserted as demonstrated in the figure. Inserting the SIM card wrongly may cause damage to the GSM module when it is being switched on.


The button located on the top of the device has three different functions:

      · Short press (less than 10 seconds): simulates a phone call; the device will trigger the output according to the configuration, and it will open the door/gate.
      · Long press (more than 10 seconds): the device will send the configured telephone numbers via SMS to the first phone number.
      · Pressing the button and initiating a voice call to the device: the device will enter to phone-configuration mode.


There are 3 methods to configurate the module:

  • The configuration of the device can be performed on the SIM card. It can handle 10 memory slots and the configuration can be performed in three different ways. The easiest method is to put the SIM card in a traditional mobile phone and fill the memory slots according to the yellow columns as seen in the table. It is advised to use this method for configuring the device at the first time.
  • The device can be re-configured remotely via SMS-s. This can be performed only from the master (first user telephone) number. The re-configuration SMS format is defined in the user maual.
  • The third method is to initiate a phone call from a traditional mobile phone to the device and preform the configuration by entering the appropriate commands with the keypad of the phone. The steps are described in the user manual of device.

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Power supply: 10–30 Vdc
Lowest current (12V): 20 mA
Stdby current (relay off): 20 mA
Stdby current (relay on): 31 mA
Max. current: 180 mA

Frequency range: 900/1800 MHz
Communication: Voice
Antenna connection.: SMA stick or magnetic stand
Ambient temperature: -30 ... +70 C deg.
Enclosure L: 48 mm
Enclosure W: 42 mm
Enclosure H: 22 mm