MobilTherm-1c - High current output GSM thermostat and temperature alarm

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- High current realy output GSM thermostat

- With digital thermometer between +/-50 C

- Temperature alarm can set between +/-50 C

- 2 digital input and 2 relay output, Li-Po battery option

- 10-30V power supply and power supply watch option

- Downloader software via USB port

- In flats and houses, weekend houses and bungalows

- For industrial refrigerators, food refrigerators, owens, dryers

       The MobilTherm-1c is a GSM thermostat and remote signaling module, designed for GSM based remote control, remote signal and temperature regulation. It comes with an external digital thermometer, 2 inputs that can be activated by 8-30Vdc voltage and 2 single circuit high current relay outputs with COM, NO and NC contactors. Output relay no. #1 is switched on/off via SMS messages in bistable mode (changes only by another SMS), the second output can be configured via SMS for a given time to be switched on, so that it will automatically switch off after the configured time expires. A small digital thermometer that can be connected to the module and it works in the temperature range of -50C and +50C. The module keeps the temperature within the previously set limit in either heating or cooling mode according to the temperatures configured by the user.

     The MobilTherm-1c module will automatically send an SMS to the user’s configured phone numbers when the temperature exceeds the configured minimum or maximum threshold. The user is informed about the temperature alert either via an SMS alert with user defined preset text or an automated call by the module. The module can be configured to handle maximum of 8 telephone numbers. It can be used as stand-alone units for heating and cooling systems replacing mechanical thermostats for both industrial and domestic use, therefore it is suitable for cooling storages, air-conditioned rooms, warehouses and temperature regulated agricultural or livestock breeding rooms. It can be configured with our free software (which can be downloaded from our website) via an USB port or by the SMS messages sent to the module. The auxiliary inputs and outputs can be labeled by max. 16 characters. The controller SMS commands to control the relays can also be configured by the user. The module has its own 4-character ID which prevents unauthorized person from disabling or reconfiguring it. The module has internal timers, which can turn off the relay no. #2 after a previously set time and after this interval expires, it resets to its original state. .

      The MobilTherm-1c can regulate the desired unit according to the configured heating or cooling mode independently from other units, keeping the temperature at the configured level in the given range. Integrated Li-polimer backup battery can be provided for the unit optionally, so that it can send reports about power loss and restoration of the 230Vac network. A TEST button can be found at the top of the module. The simplest module can be purchased as a complete system with industrial GSM module with the most recent software; with aerial as MobilTherm-1 panel version; with black metal enclosure as MobilTherm-1d; with black metal enclosure with innner backup battery as MobilTherm-1ad or as MobilTherm-1c in plastic enclosure that can be clipped to a “C” rail, or called “DIN” rail also with backup battery.

      A MobilTherm-1c works with a stand-alone SIM card, either pre-paid or subscription type from any provider. All configured parameters and the current state of all inputs and outputs can be queried and checked after connecting to a GSM network. The colorful LEDs located beneath the front cover indicate the status of the device. The lower, bi-color LED labeled as “Hbit” can express statuses and messages, and the upper yellow LED labeled as “SMS” indicates the SMS messages and voice calls.

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       The inputs can be switched on by 0V voltage (pull to ground). The numbering of analog and digital inputs has been indicated on the printed circuit board. The output relays are single circuit and high current relays. Their maximum rating is 6 A at 230 Vac. The high current relays’ COM (common), NO and NC (normally open or closed state) connectors also have been wired out. The module has SMA aerial connection, which can be found on the upper side of the module. Magnetic and small straight aerial can also be connected.

low cost GSM thermostat and temperature alarm
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       The MobilTherm-1c thermostat has high opto-isolated inputs, so they are highly protected against overvoltage. The different auxiliary devices can be connected to inputs of MobilTherm-1c temperature alarm device are recommended to be solid, relays, switches, reed-relays, contactors or any metal contacts. In addition, they must have low resistance and prell protection. The supply input is protected against reverse polarity and a fuse also has been installed into the device. It can be configured via USB-port, and the configuration settings can be downloaded or even read for verification purposes. The digital thermometer modules can be connected to the panel by coaxial screened wires. The digital thermometer is operational between -50C to +50C and it has +/- 0.5 precision within this scale. Their default cable length is 60cm, but they can be ordered with cable up to 6m.

      The MobilTherm-1c GSM thermostat module can be configured from computer via USB-port by using our free software. First step after connecting the powered up device to the USB port is to install the modul driver to be recognized by Windows XP, Windows-7 or Windows-8 operating system. In the case that the driver is already installed but the operating system still cannot recognize the device, the operating Win system settings should be modified in that particular order as described in the appendix. The software can configure all members of the MobilTherm-1 family. After connecting the device, launching the software and pressing the Search for Device button, the software will automatically search and recognize the connected device. After successful recognition, the corresponding picture of the device will be displayed inthe main window of the software. The status of the device can be queried by pressing the Get Status button if the device is connected to a network.

mobiltherm software

       The MobilTherm-1c GSM thermostat confirms every command by sending back an acknowledge SMS. The acknowledge SMS reflects the changed parameter and the actual status of the outputs and inputs. If the command is invalid, the module cannot interpret it and the acknowledge SMS will contain ’Error’. When switching on the device, the inputs are checked and the device takes it as an initial state. Changes from this initial state will cause alarm, and the new input status will be sent via SMS. Specify the number of the SMS Center first during configuration, or else the device will not respond to the configuration commands and will not operate properly.

Some facts:

- The device can be operated with any microSIM card
- The received unknown SMS-s, including the ones sent from the carrier are forwarded to the first telephone number.
- If a pre-paid SIM card is used and the balance reaches zero, the device can remain operational however it cannot send further SMS-s or initiate calls.
- After downloading a configuration from PC via USB, the device will restart which takes 30-40 seconds.
- All members of the MobilTherm family can operate only with SIM cards that are not protected with PIN codes.
- By using pre-paid SIM card, showing the caller ID must be enabled. This can be performed by contacting the carrier’s customer service.
- Call-forwarding and SMS reminders about missed calls sent by the carrier must be disabled on the SIM card.


Power supply: 10–30 Vdc
Stdby current (relays off): 30 mA
Stdby current (relays on): 120 mA
Max. Current: 240 mA
No. of aux. outputs: 2 pcs
No. of aux. inputs: 2 pcs
Measuring themerature: -50...+50 C
Accuracy: 0.5 C
GSM band: dual
GSM frequency: 900/1800 MHz
Comminication: SMS, voice
Aerial conn.: SMA
Operating temperature -30 ... +70 C fok
Enclosure: DIN type
Dimensions: 107 x 90 x 66 mm